What Is Being Done?

    Each municipality will have their own strategic plan; the plan for Perth South will be developed by us and for us. The strategic plan will develop our aspirations for the future and define a roadmap to get there. The plan will also be aware of the plans of each other municipality in the County. Where there are opportunities to collaborate and support each other, those opportunities will be addressed in the appropriate plans.

    Why Are We Developing A Strategic Plan?

    Strategic plans are an essential and vital document for any organization. They allow us to envision what we want in our future, and to proactively define the steps to get there. There are many different plans produced in municipalities. While they might define the ideal approach for any given service area or department, the strategic plan is where we make overall choices about our direction and the steps we plan to take. A good strategic plan makes clear choices, defines specific results and allows us to evaluate how well we are doing in making that future happen.

    How Will It Be Developed?

    The strategic planning process is being facilitated by Interthink Consulting and involves extensive participation throughout the municipality.

    Internal workshops are being conducted with Council, senior leadership and staff from throughout the municipality.

    Residents, volunteer and service group leaders and leaders of local business are being invited to contribute through an extensive consultation process. In person workshops will be held in January 2019, as well as online.

    What Is The Timing Of The Process?

    The strategic plan will be a four year view of the priorities, goals and strategies of the municipality. The plan will set a 25 year vision and focus on the work required in the 2019-2022 period to support realizing that vision.

    The strategic planning process began in Fall 2018 with a series of Council, leadership and staff workshops.

    Consultation with the community will occur in December and January 2019 and will include in person workshops as well as the opportunity to contribute online.

    Draft strategic plans will be developed in Spring 2019 in preparation for adoption by Council.

    What Will Be The Result?

    The primary result of the process is a strategic plan. This will set the aspirations and direction for the community and the corporation for the next few years.

    In addition to a strategic plan, we are developing the tools to make sure that we deliver on our plans. This will include development of a corporate implementation plan for the municipality, and support for business planning in each department.

    The final plan component will be a scorecard to evaluate results and assess our progress in delivering on the promises in the strategic plan.

    How Can I Be Involved?

    We are inviting participation from all members of the community. There are two primary ways to participate in the process:

    • Take part in an in-person workshop. Workshops for Perth South are taking place on 9 January 2019. The workshop process has been designed to hear from residents, volunteers, service groups and businesses in the community.
    • Participate online. Have your say and contribute through our on-going engagement platform. Surveys will be available as of 26 November 2018.

    Where Can I Get More Information?

    More information about the strategic plan can be found on the Perth South web site.

    Information about earlier strategic plans can be found here.