Is this annexation to satisfy / accommodate the large glass manufacturer?

    While a glass manufacturer has expressed an interest in locating in Stratford, they are one of many possible industrial opportunities being explored by the City. The City has been approached by numerous industries seeking large industrial lots for development.

    Has an agreement been signed with the glass manufacturer?

    Discussions have occurred amongst the parties, but the first step is for the Municipalities to confirm that the boundary adjustment is appropriate. 

    What is the compensation to be given to the Township?

    Township will share in the revenue generated from the annexation. The Township will continue to receive its portion of the taxes in addition to sharing in a portion of the increase in the taxes as a result of any industrial development. This is a joint partnership. From the RBC Annexation the Township receives over $500,000 annually.

    We can advise that for 2019 the Township received $511,013.51 and the County received $119,142.79 for a total payment of $630,156.30.

    Justification for annexing 1st parcel is that it evens up the land. Concern that it is not appropriate and actually does the opposite.

    Parcel 1 is currently situated half in the City and half in the Township. The Municipalities felt that it would be appropriate to capture all of the lands within the City. The inclusion of all of Parcel 1 also assists in servicing costs and economies of scale and responds to the current demand for small parcels.

    How does parcel 2 fit into Stratford’s 20 year annexed land plan?

    Parcel 2 is part of the 20 year inventory. TheCitycurrentlyhasadeficitofindustriallandbasedonaProvincialPolicy.Additionallandsarenecessarytoaccommodatelargeusersandthedevelopmentofanindustrialparkof1-3 acre lots that are currently in high demand with the City having no inventory available. The City has a long history of growth through annexation(1,826 acres since 2000,20%employment lands).Most recently the RBC data centre in 2006 and Wright Business Park in 2005. The proposed Annexation Lands are an extension to the Wright Business Park.

    If parcel 2 becomes full will City request additional annexed lands?

    This is always a possibility, but it is difficult to know at this time. Any further annexation will need to be assessed in accordance with the applicable Provincial and Municipal policies / by-laws to ensure any further expansion of the City’s boundaries is appropriate.

    Request information on property taxes to be accrued by the Township.

    Difficult to provide actual figures until a proposal and development plan for the annexed lands is submitted. For the previously annexed RBC lands the Township receives approximately half a million dollars annually that off-sets 25% of loss of OMPF funding. The taxes are dependent on the development of land and assessment undertaken by MPAC.

    Has the City researched ways to intensify industrial development within City boundaries, including brownfield/ greenfield sites?

    City has a Community Improvement Plan that promotes brownfield development. For example, Crane Avenue was the last brownfield parcel serviced by the City of Stratford for development and sale to industrial users.

    Also, investStratford works closely with existing industries to ensure they are maximizing their footprint and supporting their ongoing expansion.

    What has the City done to intensify land uses in the City?

    The City has changed its residential development to shift towards smaller, 40 foot frontages for residential plans of subdivision. 

    What does the 242 acres of vacant industrial land in the City include?

    These include the lands zoned industrial, which include soccer fields, storm water management ponds, land locked parcels, and privately-owned lands.

    What does the City do to off-set impact of trucks on county roads?

    The City through existing boundary road agreements provides funds to the County for road maintenance, repair and upkeep. The money given to the County reduces the amount of funds lower tier governments pay for road maintenance and upkeep. Also, Highway 7 is a provincial regulated road that is governed by the Ministry of Transportation. For 2019 the City of Stratford contributed $1,871,180 to the County of Perth for County roads.

    What is the status of the vacant land on Quinlan and Mornington Roads?

    The lands are zoned residential and the City understands that the former land owner has recently sold the property and a new plan of subdivision is currently being reviewed.

    Why is industrial land only being expanded in the south end?

    The City reviewed all of the industrial lands throughout the City and due to the location, this area was preferred for numerous reasons including proximity to the rail line, highway access and the natural extension of the current Wright industrial park.

    How does this proposal align to all of Council’s Strategic Priorities?

    The proposal aligns with the Council Strategic Priority of “Widening Our Economic Opportunities”. It is not anticipated that all Strategic Priorities will apply to each service or program.